buro neue investigates the theory and praxis of design. We see design as every activity that changes our perception of the world by creating new meaning. We do projects where both thinking and making are crucial.

neue was founded by anne vlaanderen and theo ploeg.

annevlaanderenbw Designer and creator with aspiration to become an inventor. I do not believe in professions, I do in beautiful stuff. Strong, bold concepts make me feel happy and fulfilled. Just like minimalism and aesthetics. Addicted to Club Mate, espresso and good music.


Dedicated accelerationist. Design and media sociologist. Tells stories of possible futures. Researches, teaches, talks and writes. Believes in and longs for the future but happily lives in the extreme now. Addicted to pop culture and coffee. Adores cats. Loves Opel Manta’s, Köln and Adorno. More info at www.theoploeg.net.